Tommy Körbergs wine

One of Sweden’s most famous singers in collaboration with Señorios de Bocos from Ribera del Duero.

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The red wine is best known to suit meat dishes, but it also fits a delicious mushroom potato.

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Rejadorada’s philosophy is based on the mix of new and traditional wine making techniques.

Only in this symbiosis have they achieved wines so special and with undeniable high quality of their wines from Toro (Zamora).


Tommy Körbergs

Señorio de BOCOS CRIANZA 2014

100% Tempranillo from RIBERA DEL DUERO.
The wine has a large scent of mature dark berries, lovely fullness with lots of soft tannins and long delicious vinous aftertaste.

“Detta vin faller mig gärna i smaken till en pastarätt, krispig pizza eller varför inte spanska charkuterier.”
Tommy Körberg


Tommy Körbergs

Escudero de BOCOS ROBLE 2015

100% Tempranillo from ZAMORA wine has a dark dense color with a large scent of delicate mature blackberries and cedar trees, tastefully full of soft round tannins that remain in the mouth for a long time.

“Jag älskar detta vin till grillat under sommarenoch grytorna under dom kallare månaderna pååret, njut av det bästa från Spanien.”
Tommy Körberg